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​美術 青丹洞について

兵庫県は芦屋の地で産声をあげました「美術 青丹洞」。桃山~江戸初期の茶道具を中心とした古美術品・骨董品を広く皆さまに知っていただき、販売させていただいておりましたが、この度装いも新たに、古の都・奈良の地で再開させていただく運びとなりました。

Antiques Awonidou was established in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture. We have been selling antiques and antiques mainly of tea ceremony utensils from Momoyama to early Edo period for a long time,
We are pleased to reopen our shop in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, with a new look.
When we look at antiques with the hope that there is something to see, even if only a little, we can find a shining spot even in an antique with no special features.
We feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude when the item we have acquired with this desire is delivered to a thoughtful customer and they are pleased with it. 
We look forward to your continued patronage for many years to come.





The items listed on this website are only a small portion of our product line.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about our many other items.

We recommend that you contact us by e-mail or using our contact form.
If you call us by phone, we may not be able to answer immediately.
In that case, please leave a recorded message.
We will contact you shortly.

(Personal Information Protection Policy)





Personal Information Protection Policy

We will use the personal information we receive from our customers for the following purposes 
・To provide products and services 
・To respond to inquiries 
・To provide information on new products and services 
・To conduct questionnaire surveys, etc.

The Company will not provide personal information received from customers to any third party.

We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, and manage personal information appropriately.



- オフライン決済

​ …現時点では現金、もしくは郵便振込・銀行振込のみ受け付けております。

- Offline Payment

 ...At this time, we only accept cash or postal or bank transfers.

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